Darts Checkout on watch

The double-out plays a really important role in darts ’01 games. This app will help you to be a better player. Just look at your watch and scroll to the target number with the digital crown (or swipe).


This is not just a simple checkout table, the app contains better solutions, and alternate ways (in brackets), if you miss your first target.

There are four pages in the app (swipe left and right):
– You can manually add the target number
– Checkout table from 170 to 111
– Checkout table from 110 to 61
– Checkout table from 60 to 2

Fast launch with complications directly from your watch face.


Do not forget to set the Resume to: Last Used App on Apple Watch Settings > General > Activate on Wrist Raise settings page.

All you need to know for a professional checkout is on your wrist, time to upgrade your darts experience and impress all your friends.


If you need new features please comment below or on my facebook page.

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